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We want to publish your book

with international marketing and distribution.
  1. Distribution
  2. Editorial Services
    Editorial Services
  3. Format
  4. Product
We request your manuscript be formatted in MS Word, 8.5 x 11, one-inch margins all the way around, one line between paragraphs, no indentations,Times New Roman font, 12 point, black type, single spaced.  
We do not require you to pay us to edit your book. But if you need such services, we can refer you to a number of professional editors. The quality of your work reflects upon yourself and we respect that. What we'll do is review manuscripts so we know what we are publishing. 
Your book will be distributed internationally through all the distribution chanels.
We will publish your book in every format: paperback, hardback, and e-book. 
  1. Additional Services
  2. Web Site Design
  3. Services & PR Tools
  4. Cost
We can build a web site for you with your own domain name and matching email address. The cost would be:

  • $1,475.00
  • ​$23.98 per month for web and email hosting; or $13.99 per month without the email hosting.
  • $5.00 for domain registration​​​.
  • $49.75 per hour for follow on work.
  • Free technical assistance should you decide to do your own follow on work to the web site. 

Examples of our work are:

Promotion and PR that you can do yourself for free and save money includes:

  • You Tube advertising
  • Creating a Facebook page for your book, and posting book announcements
  • Creating a Twitter account for your book and tweeting book announcements
  • Creating a website for your book
  • Send your book to libraries
  • Book yourself for book signings at bookstores
  • Call radio stations for interviews
  • ​Put the PR tools we provide to work

PR that you can pay for, and arrange yourself to save on money, includes:

  • Video book trailer
  • CBB Catalog advertising
  • Press Release Service with Christian Newswire

For about $100.00, Christian Newswire will send press releases to thousands of mainstream media and Christian television and radio stations, mainstream secular and Christian newspapers, and online news sites.

Some publishers will charge thousands of dollars extra for these services, and yield zero results while making a substantial profit from you. Statistics show that most of your money will be made through your own efforts and speaking events, rather than through exorbitant PR campaigns which is how PR firms make their money from unsuspecting authors. 
We will provide the following Services and PR tools:
  • Comprehensive Market Research
  • Royalty Free stock images included
  • 4 x Book cover design drafts
  • Book cover design drafts 
  • Free Barcodes
  • EBook cover JPEG
  • Print-ready PDF for use as a Paperback book cover
  • Print-ready PDF for use as a Hardback book cover
  • Interior design
  • Choice of trim size
  • ISBN Numbers for hardback, paperback, and ebook
  • Library of Congress number
  • Royalties
  • Non-exclusive contract
  • One free paperback copy
  • One free hardback copy
  • Online distribution
  • International distribution
  • Bookstore distribution availability
  • Books-In-Print Listing
  • Copyright service
  • Book Return Service
  • ​Bookstore directory
  • Free consulting on press releases
  • Graphic design for ads
  • 6 x 3D Product images (JPEG & PNG)
  • Facebook, Twitter & Google + Banners
  • GIF promotional banner
  • Promotional sales poster design for use online
  • Promotional sales poster design for use in print (24" x 36")
  • Promotional links of your book sent to over 15,000social network followers
  • Displaying your author biography and book on our book page
  • Displaying your book on our home page for one month.
  • Quarterly sales reports.

​Some publishers will charge about $3,000 to $6,500 for these services and PR tools.

Your cost would be:

  • $1,800 publishing fee
  • $150.00 total annual fee for Distribution Catalogue Placement of each format of your book
  • 70% discount off the retail price as the author's discount when purchasing your own book from LPH.

This is our premium publishing package and it is the only package we offer. We offer our best at a low price. There is only one way to publish a book--the right way!

Referral Stipends:
Receive a $50.00 stipend if a refferal of yours to our publishing or web services results in a publishing agreement or a web site design. You will receive the stipend or stipends once the book is published or the web site is designed.